Fuerstech Innovations

Fuerstech is an ideas nurturing boutique, led by Dr. Oren Fuerst. We focus on leveraging technology in order to change healthcare.

Dr. Oren Fuerst is a serial entrepreneur, investor, lecturer, advisor and inventor, focused for more than 20 years on technology innovation. A frequent lecturer on valuation and entrepreneurship, he was the initiator and co-Director of the Technology Strategy and Valuation Executive Program at Columbia Business School, and served as a faculty member at Yale University School of Management and Yale International Center for Finance. He had published multiple academic papers and popular press articles in newspapers such as the Financial Times and published multiple books with publishers including Prentice Hall. He had invented (holds multiple granted patents) and commercialized multiple health technologies with global companies.

Some of the companies we have co-founded or joined in recent years:

Eco-Fusion, developer of Serenita and NewMe. A digital medicine company, offering a comprehensive eco-system of software tools to assist populations suffering from, or at risk of, chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardio vascular and mental health diseases. Eco-Fusion employs advanced signal processing to various aspects of health, including stress management, nutrition, exercise and sleep. Leveraging a patented and unique signal processing engine, the system combines mobile, wearable and social interaction technologies to assist people in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Eco Fusion offers a robust and flexible infrastructure for consumers and a variety of healthcare organizations, including clinics and hospitals, insurance companies and HMOs.


Circ Medtech, developer of PrePex.The PrePex device enables safe non-surgical adult male circumcision in resource limited settings as a means to prevent the spread of HIV. The patented device is the first known device that can claim all of the following: No injected anesthesia. No blood. No sutures. No sterile settings. The guiding principle of the company is to offer safe, simple, scalable and cost effective male circumcision programs that can be implemented by minimally skilled healthcare workers.


Medivizor. Medivizor uniquely provides personalized health information and ongoing updates tailored to each individual based on the specific details of their medical situation in a way people can understand and act upon. This information includes cutting-edge research, new treatments, matching clinical trials, lifestyle recommendations, and more. Medivizor is utilizing a unique combination of patent-pending technology, innovative processes, contributing medical experts, and community generated content.


MediRisk Solutions

MediRisk developed a risk assessment engine that enables a fully automated life and health underwriting decision. The engine is deployed in the industry and is being used as a springboard for innovative insurance solutions.



First of its kind patent pending wrist band for neuro modulation, addressing a variety of wellness indications including sleep and focus. In addition, the company is developing medical device variants for indications including ADHD, Parkinson and Epilepsy.


Dario Health (NASDAQ: DRIO), developer of Dario.

Dario™, an all in one patented smart meter combined with a cloud-based mobile diabetes management platform, and was one of the first  mobile driven comprehensive diabetes self-management systems.


Brain Profiler

Developed a patent pending psychological and psychiatric evaluation and tracking platform that assists patient obtaining an initial and ongoing assessments and for professionals in rendering better treatment to patients.


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