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Connecting the right investment with the right investor.

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Crafting the optimal mixture of products, services, cost and pricing, IP, marketing, financing and management.

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More than 20 years of experience in the central segments of the economy

Windfarms and technologies
Solar Energy Farms and Technologies
Enterprise Software
Industry 4.0
Water and Agtech
Medical Technologies
Wellness Technologies
Genomics and biotech
Fintech and Insurtech
EV Technologies
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Dr. Oren Fuerst, Managing Director

The creator (as an inventor, founder and/or executive) of multiple life changing innovations that were commercialized, went public or got acquired by leading companies worldwide (multiple companies on NASDAQ and NYSE). Strategic advisory roles with multiple Fortune 100 companies.

Was the initiator and Director of the Technology Strategy and Valuation Program at Columbia Business School, and on faculty at Yale University’s International Center of Finance. Multiple academic positions at other top schools worldwide, and a long list of keynote lectures at industry and academic settings.

Advising global funds and family offices on strategy and specific opportunities. Co-founded the Tevel center, an innovation center and a global investors and entrepreneurs network focused around Israeli innovation.

Extensively involved in multiple not-for profit organizations, mainly around healthcare and entrepreneurship, including founding a few NGOs for underprivileged populations in the U.S. and Africa.

Prolific writer and public speaker, including writing multiple books and columns for leading financial newspapers.

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